SAGE (Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF-EMFs)

Response to first interim report

On 31st March 2004, the then National Radiological Protection Board (now the Health Protection Agency, Radiation Protection Division) stated that there was evidence for an association between exposure to power frequency magnetic fields above 0.4 microtesla and a doubling of the risk of childhood leukaemia. It advised Government to examine whether precautionary measures were needed against public exposure to electric and magnetic fields below the current guidelines.

Accordingly, in Autumn 2004, the Government set up the Stakeholder Advisory Group on ELF-EMFs (SAGE) to examine what precautionary measures might be introduced to limit public exposure to electric and magnetic fields associated with the electricity supply. The First Interim Report by SAGE describes the deliberations of the first two working groups which were concerned with exposure from internal wiring in the home and domestic appliances and from exposures arising from high voltage powerlines.

Here, we provide extensive comment on this First Interim Report.