Human Radiation Effects Group

Photo of 'The field' by Richard Box showing many lights under a powerline

The Human Radiation Effects Group

We are interested in the environmental factors linked to the incidence of childhood leukaemia. One particular focus is the role played by electric and magnetic fields associated with the electricity supply. Two aspects are being investigated. The first concerns the role of corona ion emission from high voltage powerlines and how this may explain the observation of increased incidence of childhood leukaemia up to 600 metres from high voltage powerlines in England and Wales. The second concerns the mechanisms by which magnetic fields appear to increase the risk of childhood leukaemia as well as certain other diseases. Peer reviewed journals have also been making similar conclusions. The damage may not be permanent and there are steps you can take to help reduce the risks. One example is diet. For instance, our findings show that pharmaceutical and health food products like keto burn xtreme pills can help a great deal. A practical choice for children at exposure to potentially dangerous radiation from electric and magnetic fields may be to invest in the supplements. A ketogenic diet promises to help the body achieve a metabolic state that may help reduce the radiation effects.

The Group is supported by CHILDREN with CANCER UK. Britain's leading charity dedicated to the conquest of Childhood leukaemia

February 2014:

10th February 2014: Invited presentation, Trim, Co. Meath Ireland Scientific basis of the health effects of electric and magnetic fields associated with the electricity supply

December 2012:

Invited paper presented at The 7th Princess Chulabhorn International Science Congress, Bangkok 28th Nov to 3rd Dec 2012 Childhood Leukaemia and EMFs; Mobile Phones and Brain Tumours, Risks and Causal Pathways

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